Elevators are called "LIFTS"!
by Harry Karambizi, 12 months ago.

Imagine my confusion when they told me I could 'lift to my hotel room'! Especially because I normally use UBER. Once I realized that the Elevators are called different things here, it was smooth sailing! Except when I tried to bum a cigarette....

London's only 24 hour casino (bring money)
by Harry Karambizi, 12 months ago.

Go to Leicester Square at 10:42 PM Look for a painting of a mockingbird wearing a red bracelet (this is important) Text "Black Suits Back" to 002 4569554 from a prepaid mobile Once you receive the passphrase via text, say it aloud three times in French. A taxi will come pick you up to take you in 30 minutes. Wild night :)

Don't forget the chippies!
by Neil Morris, 12 months ago.

Enjoy the great fish and chips at many of the cities popular locations. Can't wait to get back across the pond for more.

by Janet Meibaum, 12 months ago.

Walking in London is the best. There is something to see on every block. Take a ride on a double decker bus too.

Tower of London
by Ray Meibaum Sr., 12 months ago.

Don't miss the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge.

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