Elevators are called "LIFTS"!
by Harry Karambizi, over 1 year ago.

Imagine my confusion when they told me I could 'lift to my hotel room'! Especially because I normally use UBER. Once I realized that the Elevators are called different things here, it was smooth sailing! Except when I tried to bum a cigarette....

London's only 24 hour casino (bring money)
by Harry Karambizi, over 1 year ago.

Go to Leicester Square at 10:42 PM Look for a painting of a mockingbird wearing a red bracelet (this is important) Text "Black Suits Back" to 002 4569554 from a prepaid mobile Once you receive the passphrase via text, say it aloud three times in French. A taxi will come pick you up to take you in 30 minutes. Wild night :)

Don't forget the chippies!
by Neil Morris, over 1 year ago.

Enjoy the great fish and chips at many of the cities popular locations. Can't wait to get back across the pond for more.

by Janet Meibaum, over 1 year ago.

Walking in London is the best. There is something to see on every block. Take a ride on a double decker bus too.

Tower of London
by Ray Meibaum Sr., over 1 year ago.

Don't miss the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge.

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